Indochina Villa Saigon / MIA Design Studio

Indochina Villa Saigon, Vietnam / MIA Design Studio

MIA Design Studio was commissioned to redesign the mock up house of the Indochina Villas Saigon; a prime lifestyle community consisting of 114 luxury villas set in a strategically located 8 hectare parcel of land in Ho Chi Minh City. The entire concept has been thoughtfully designed to harmoniously integrate with the surrounding tropical landscape and an array of amenities all coming together to form an ultimate lifestyle experience.

The main objective here was to create a connection between Interior and exterior spaces. Boundaries between architecture, Interior and gardens are blurring and all spaces flow into each other very smoothly. By adjusting the exiting windows into large bi-folding doors we could create much more usable area and the entire house became larger and more luxurious.
Indochina Villa Saigon, Vietnam / MIA Design Studio

© Oki Hiroyuki

The lush landscapes on the terraces and balconies could now be enjoyed to its fullest. Furthermore we added pergolas in order to create shadows and reduce the heat. The Steel and wood louvers give the façade a strong character and nice appeal.
Indochina Villa Saigon, Vietnam / MIA Design Studio

© Oki Hiroyuki

The ground floor contains a garage, large open space with living – and dining area and full-equipped kitchen. The sculpted staircase tucked into a niche leads to the upper floors where you can find two bedrooms with en-suite bathroom and terrace with daybed surrounded by tropical plants.
Indochina Villa Saigon, Vietnam / MIA Design Studio
Two more bedrooms with shared bathroom and terraces are located on the top floor.

A simple tropical modern color scheme of earth tones and use of natural materials was applied in order to create a relaxed and sophisticated mood. The strong green shade of the surrounding landscapes becomes accentuated and prominent.
Project Details:
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Type: Residential – Houses

Total floor area: 327.38 sqm

Architects: MIA Design Studio

Project leader: Steven Baeteman

Architectural designer: Steven Baeteman

Interior designer: Steven Baeteman, Truong Trong Dat

Photographs: Oki Hiroyuki


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