Garda-one / Meissl Architects

The Benacus (Lake of Garda) and its most beautiful outlooks ! – Three mansions at the location of Maderno invite to enjoy the trendy art of living in Italy.
Dwelling in a particularly italian surrounding with upper class demands and a gorgeous site have been the guidelines. At the western coast, above the little city of Maderno – just a jump of five minutes by car to reach the centre and the lake, three Villas have been constructed. Their appearance contrasts in all respects to the common variety – just to avoid architectural aberrations like they have been built during the last years.

A kind of mediterranean Style was added to the very charming typical environment. Each of the houses has its own pool, and its intimate places. Straight lined and fully lightened rooms are shaping the modern appearance of the buildings in a boldly way. Plinth panels made of natural brick stones stay as reminders to the foretime: barnstable and pasture.

Addicted to the sumptuous view there have been situated really large-scaled windows. In spite of privacy there´s no borderline between interior and nature. Also the weightless appearance of the first floor element is engendered by a window belt.

Smart and luxurious the mansions were constructed with flat roofs in spite of the usual kind of brick-tiling. An architectural invitation to reside at the Lake Garda.

Project Details:

Location: Toscolano Maderno, Cussaga, Via Caronte, Italy

Type: Residential – Houses

Client: RMP GmbH, Antonio Reichegger, Sand in Taufers Italy

Architects: Meissl Architects

Team: Seefeld in Tirol AUSTRIA, Arch. Alexander Meissl MSC, Dipl.Ing. Gordon Grusdat

Photos: Birgid Köll


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