Inter-Act Residence, Los Angeles / M-Rad Studio

Imagine an Eco-conscious live/work environment that eliminates your vehicular commute to and from work, all while providing stimulus for collaborative spirit and

serendipitous encounters within your creative community.
Matthew Rosenberg of M-Rad Studio in Los Angeles is proposing precisely this with a stunning set of towers called Inter-Act Residence for Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Architect’s Project Statement:
The concept is simple: create a building or buildings that houses both spaces and are sold or rented together but are situated away from each other. The short distance between the work unit and the live unit acts as a common area for residents and employees to meet and encounter one another more frequently. Inter-Act is designed to enrich Las Vegas’s burgeoning creative community with a participatory ethos. In helping shape the Las Vegas landscape we will also change the lives of those who currently live there, hopefully in a very positive way.

Inter-Act incorporates Rosenberg’s three guiding principles for designing architecture: to foster community, to respect the local culture(s), and to use the climate data available to lessen our ecological footprint.
Rosenberg wants to enhance residents’ lives with simple solutions to the issues that accompany modern lifestyles. In this way, a building like Inter-Act can have a profound affect on individuals who live either in or near our project.

Matthew Rosenberg is the award-winning Design Director of M-Rad, which he founded in 2012. He was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and currently is based in Los Angeles. He received his Masters in Architecture at Sci-Arc. He and his studio are dedicated to providing bespoke solutions to universal problems.
Project Details:

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Type: Residential

Architects: M-Rad Studio

Client: Tony Hsieh, Downtown Project

Kaveh M


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